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Annette See​

Stage Manager

Dan See


Doris          Nancy Chapin

Ida              Celeste Hyland

Lucille        Patty Mason

Sam            Greg Engstrom

Mildred      Elizabeth Reaves


15, 16, 17  |  22, 23, 24




A group of friends meet weekly to celebrate the past and cope with the present. But when life throws them a few unexpected curves, they happily discover the best times are still ahead.​

A charming tale about life and death, love and forgiveness, and the power of friendship. The play is full of humor, as well as tender and touching moments, and is ultimately a warm, witty and heartwarming comedy of endurance, emotional strength and hope.


"Funny, sweet tempered, moving."
     - The Boston Globe

"Very touching and humorous. An evening of pure pleasure that will make you glad you went to the theatre."
     - Washington Journal Newspapers

"The Cemetery Club is not a forgettable comedy, but one with power to touch the audience, even if it resorts to caricature at times. Director Tara Lee Downs keeps the pace brisk as the actors lob one-liners. It's the right kind of direction for this material and keeps the audience laughing."  
     - Seven Day

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